Comerciantes Villa Consuelo respaldan aumento salarial

SANTO DOMINGO DN : The president of the Association of Traders and Importers of Villa Consuelo (ASODECOEIVICON), Mario Chabebe, favored a fair salary increase in the country that benefits both workers and the business sector in order for the national economy to prosper .
Interviewed in the Weekly Agenda program produced by journalist Balbueno Medina every Saturday at 2 pm by Santo Domingo TV, 69 channels of UHF and 24 of the national cable systems, Chabebe, agreed with the measure announced by The Minister of Labor, José Ramón Fadul, about both the 20 percent salary increase and the reclassification of companies will be done jointly.
The business leader, I believe that both the increase in wages for workers and the reclassification of companies are necessary for a real equality in the Dominican labor market, so that no one is harmed by the desired salary adjustment with which we all agree .
Lic. Mario Chabebe, welcomed the agreement reached by the Minister of Labor and representatives of COPORDOM to ensure that the well-deserved wage increase demanded by Dominican workers, considering that there are many small and medium enterprises that could not resist paying A wage increase that is not in line with their economic capacity 
The president of the Association of Traders and Importers of Villa Consuelo, said that above all it is the duty of the government and the private sector to preserve the employment of Dominican workers and also of companies large and small that guarantee the jobs that Allow the country to continue growing as it has so far developed in recent years.
Chabebe, explained that as always the Association of Traders and Importers of Villa Consuelo, will always be in the best interests of the Dominican people and for that reason has set its position in the interest of a fair wage increase where workers And businesses are not harmed and that ultimately benefit the Dominican population in a general sense.

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